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I'm Ann, photographer and chief bottle washer at Windermere Studios. I lay no claim on the  cook portion of that title, though. 

I've always loved photos, and the stories they tell. As a kid, I spent hour upon hour pouring through National Geographic, captivated by the imagery. My first camera was a little 110 film camera that my parents gave me when I was about 11, and I soon filled photo albums with snapshots of my family and friends. But it wasn't until late 2000, when I bought my first digital camera, that I became serious about really learning about photography.

At that time, our three kids were just starting to play team sports, and I was determined to figure out how to take great sports photos. Little did I know then that capturing fast moving children in less than ideal light with one of the earliest digital cameras was going to be such a challenge.

Windermere Portraits

Windermere Studios is tucked away in the southwest corner of Edmonton, not far from the North Saskatchewan River. We have a little over an acre of mature trees and flower gardens that provide the perfect backdrop for your family photos. We'll also come to your home or favorite location in the greater Edmonton area. Here's What to Expect from a portrait session with me. Contact me to book your session. 

Windermere Sports Photography

I love sport photography. I'm not much of an athlete, so I am in awe of those that get out there and compete. For me, the perfect sport photograph isn't necessarily of the ball going into the net or even of the shot that put it there. It's all about the expression on the players face, the look of determination or of joy they have from competing, the fierce face off between opponents and the perfect positioning that comes from years of training. Catching those moments is what I strive to do. Sports photography is all about anticipation, about predicting what will happen next and focusing in on that moment.

I offer Team and Individual Photo Packages, as well as action photography at your game or tournament. I've covered provincial and national tournaments for Soccer, Ringette, Rugby, Badminton and Highland Dance.  I've been shooting sports for 10 years and I'd love to be your sports photographer.

You'll find more details on my packages here. Contact me to book your session

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