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I love Waterton National Park, tucked in the very southwest corner of Alberta. It is so small, so intimate and so breathtakingly beautiful. The mountains here have space between them, open prairie, room to breathe.

The town is small, and the businesses local. You won't find a Tim Horton's or Hudson's Bay here. Wildlife, mostly deer, wander through town at will. 

The main campground in Waterton is right at the end of town on flat, mostly treeless land, walking distance to the lake shore and shops. 


On our first afternoon in Waterton we explored Red Rock Canyon and Blakiston Falls. We encountered our first horse flies of the trip here too - nasty little buggers. It was a really warm day, and visitors were taking advantage of the canyon in a way I'd never seen before - they were wading in the water. The insects were busy on wildflowers, and I (predictably) grabbed the macro lens for a couple quick photos. 

I'd left my tripod behind but the falls themself were in the shade and the railing of the lookout provided enough stability for me to do a long exposure. 

After dinner Daryl stayed at the tent, and Ana and I headed out to scout a sunset location and chase late day light. It was a cloudless (but still hazy) evening, and sunset itself was rather unremarkable. However, the light was pretty when we were exploring the buffalo paddock  with lone buffalo. 

The following morning there was a layer of low cloud at the campground. We took our chances on it clearing, and chose the lawn at The Prince of Wales hotel for sunrise. While there were clouds around, the sunrise itself was pretty drab. I did learn a new skill though - real long (>30 second) exposures. This resulted in one of my favorite images of the trip:

We spent the afternoon outside of the park in the southwestern Alberta prairie. That evening we returned to the hotel to shoot sunset. The moon rose from behind Vimy Ridge, and there was the tiniest bit of color to the sky. Big fluffy clouds gave more opportunity to play with filters and long exposures. 

The following morning the low cloud was thicker and lower. Ana and I grabbed an extra hour of sleep and then headed out of the park in hopes of sweet light on the foothills. 

When we returned to camp, the tent was packed and we were able to leave Waterton pretty early, giving ourselves lots of time for my favorite highway in the province, Highway 22 (The Cowboy Trail) to Kananaskis. 

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