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The only part of our itinerary that was a known was at some point we needed to get back into Canada. I'd loosely planned on taking a ferry from Port Angeles to Victoria then heading to Pacific Rim National Park. So we headed toward Port Angeles, hoping for a campground with showers, still firm in our belief that we had enough time to only travel a couple hundred kms per day. 

We checked with the Ranger station to find a campground with showers. We were dumbfounded to learn that none of the campgrounds in the NP have showers! But the likelyhood of getting a site at Heart of the Hills campground was good, and so off we went. Turns out there had been a big bicycle race in the park that day and admission to the park was free. The campsite cost us $13, and was probably the nicest tent site I've ever seen. Sadly, not one of us grabbed a snapshot of it. 

We drove up Hurricane Ridge in the late afternoon. The wild flowers along the road were spectacular. We had time for a nice walk, and then the first of many on location bbqs while we waited for sweet light. 

Hurricane Ridge was also to be our sunrise spot. I almost didn't go, as I was not feeling well at all (I blame the Second Beach latrine). But if there's  one lesson I've learned about landscape photography  - no matter how much you love your bed, or how lousy you feel Do NOT give i n and miss sunrise. 

Sunrise at Hurricane Ridge was our first spectacular sunrise of the trip,  one of only three really colorful sunrises, and I think it's my favorite. 

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