Bees, Bugs and Bokeh - Windermere Studios

Reposted from the Windermere Studios blog. Originally published Feb. 9, 2013.

Always check your cards!!! These images are from two summers ago, but I only recently found them on a CF card. Hadn't even copied these to my hard drive. Could have quite easily reformatted the card and lost them all. And that would have made me sad, because they are perhaps the best bee photos that I've ever taken. So as we wait patiently for spring to arrive here in the land of permafrost, let these images remind you of glorious summer days.

Equipment: Canon 7D, 300mmf4 lens at 5.6 1/500 or 6.3 1/320. Handheld in really great light, significantly cropped for composition and very minor Lightroom adjustments. My next, next lens will be a macro!!! You can be sure I'll be planting more orange and gold echinichea as well.

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