• Kate 'Drechsel' Vichich

    on November 19, 2014

    Ann, I've enjoyed all your beautiful photos of Kelso over the years. He was quite a noble and majestic beast. You will miss him so.


    on January 30, 2011

    Thank you so much for sharing your photos of Kelso with me, he was just as fabulous as a puupy and teenager as he is now. What a magnificent dog, I just love him. He should be a breed, so I could get one too. I see that he is very loved and treated as part of the family, in the house, on the couch etc. just the way it should be. I just cant get over his beauty, definately one of a kind, you are very lucky. I see the St. bernard in him as he reminds me a bit of one of my Saints whom I miss dearly, his expressions are priceless. Hope he enjoys a long healthy life and I would love to see any future photos of him. I would gladly be president of his fan club, he's adorable. Many of the photos you have of him should be postcards - truly breathtaking. Again thanks for sharing, I looked at every one of them. Give him a big slobbery kiss from his #1 fan in California. Elizabeth

  • Dicksie House

    on December 3, 2004

    Ann: These photos of Kelso are absolutely great. He is so regal and handsome. What a fine companion in your household. Gale House

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