Our SMITH (Smythe) Family ancestors migrated to Black Creek (later to be called Yarm, Geographical coordinates are 45°38'20" North and 76°27'43" West, north of Shawville, Quebec), Canada from Fermanagh County Ireland in 1844.

John Smith and Elizabeth Hunt had six children. 

Lissmiskea for drinkin' tag, 

McGuiris bridge for brandy,

Brookborough is a stinkin hole, 

Five Mile Town's a dandy.

Author unknown.

This note is on the top of the genealogy pages that I was given.

Thomas married Ann Sylvester. They had nine children:

Maria married ? Thompson

Matthew married Eliza Jane Smith

Lizzie married ? Archambeau

Fanny married Henry Smiley

Jane married William Alexander

Mary married George Smiley

Allan married Sophia Jones

John married Jessie Connely

Jim married Letitia Jones

Matthew married Mary Smith. They had three children:

William John

George married Jane Dagg

Eliza Ann married Henry McDowell

John married Ann Jane Anderson.They had eight children:

Maria married Robert Stanley

William married Fannie Smith


Jennie married Richard Richardson

John married Emma Thompson

Archie married Bertha Clark

Olive married Alf Richardson

Joe married ? Cuthbertson

George married May Ebert. They had seven children:

Lizzie married ? Brown.

Matthew married Mary Ellen Murray (sister of Eliza Jane)

Jennie married Robert Hawthorne

John married Sophie McGee

Allan married Caroline Ebert

Mary married George Ebert

William (died in youth)

Eliza married Moses McCorriston. They had three children:

John married Rose Sparling

Elizabeth J. married George ?

Margaret married David Walsh

William married Frances Hunt. They had ten children:

Elizabeth 1861 - 1943 married Joseph Valliant.

William John 1869 - 1932 married Eliza Jane Murray

Matthew Allan 1871 - 1926 married Elizabeth Frey 1884 - 1967

Henry married Regina Fields

Mary 1863 - 1948 married Ralph Horner

Margaret married W. Letts

Robert married Annie Rollins

George married Mary Thompson

Annie 1865 1939 married William Hartley

Irwin married Nina Belcher

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