On New Years Day, I asked Daryl what his biggest accomplishment of 2019 was. I was really surprised when he replied 'the gardens'. 

Gardening is my passion, my obsession. It's my stress relief, it's something I can do to create a beautiful, nurturing and hopefully bountiful environment. My garden provides me with exercise, nutrition, photography subjects, and zen. But I've often thought that my obsession with gardening was something of a burden to Daryl, since he is the one that ends up on the energy end of the shovel most of the time. 

He worked really, really hard to build garden beds for me this summer, and while I believe he knows how much I appreciate it, I can't describe how thrilled I am that he also feels pride and accomplishment from it. Here's the story of our first garden year at Casa McBurd Cinco. 

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