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I may have mentioned this before, but I love the landscapes of southwestern Alberta. Where  mountains, foothills, and prairies merge. 

On our first morning in Waterton, D & I awoke on the ground, with a totally flat air mattress beneath us, necessitating a trip to Pincher Creek for a replacement. We carried on north to Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump, a really remarkable museum and World Heritage Site north of Pincher Creek, past fields full of bales, canola and wind farms.

From Head Smashed In to Fort MacLoed, where it turned out to be the 140th anniversary of the fort, so free admission and reenactments! It was a beautiful warm, sunny day and the perfect opportunity to add to the Canadian history day by introducing Ana to Tim Horton's Iced Caps. 

The next day, Ana and I headed north from Waterton hoping to catch the foothills in early morning light. We succeeded, and then the three of us followed the Cowboy Trail to Longview, then west to K Country.

On to Kananaskis

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Waterton and Southern Alberta

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